Pozor: ne moremo ročno prevesti celotno vsebino platforme, ker je platforma raste zelo hitro. Vsebina je vpisana v angleščino in se samodejno prevede. Opravičujemo se, če so napake v besedilu, ki so posledica samodejnega prevajanja. Ker poskušamo pomagati naraščajoče mednarodne skupnosti Oziway uporabnikov, menimo, da je bolj pomembno, da poda vsebino v mnogih jezikih, da veliko ljudi, vsaj na način, ki je večinoma pravilna (tudi če ima napake), kot da izpusti veliko ljudi. Skušali bomo popraviti najbolj očitne napake pri prevajanju.

Terms and Conditions




The following terms and conditions apply when you use of our platform Oziway.com and any corresponding websites used for publication of items added by Sellers, currently these include:

- ar.oziway.com
- oziway.at
- oziway.com.au
- bd.oziway.com
- oziway.be
- bo.oziway.com
- oziway.com.br
- bw.oziway.com
- oziway.by
- oziway.com
- oziway.com.co
- cd.oziway.com
- cl.oziway.com
- cm.oziway.com
- oziway.cn
- cr.oziway.com
- cu.oziway.com
- oziway.cz
- oziway.de
- oziway.dk
- do.oziway.com
- ec.oziway.com
- eg.oziway.com
- oziway.es
- et.oziway.com
- oziway.fr
- gh.oziway.com
- gm.oziway.com
- oziway.gr
- gt.oziway.com
- oziway.hk
- hn.oziway.com
- oziway.id
- oziway.in
- oziway.it
- ke.oziway.com
- oziway.kr
- lr.oziway.com
- ls.oziway.com
- mw.oziway.com
- oziway.com.mx
- na.oziway.com
- ng.oziway.com
- ni.oziway.com
- oziway.net
- oziway.nl
- pa.oziway.com
- pe.oziway.com
- pk.oziway.com
- oziway.pl
- oziway.pro
- oziway.ro
- oziway.ru
- sd.oziway.com
- oziway.si
- oziway.sk
- ss.oziway.com
- sv.oziway.com
- oziway.com.ua
- ug.oziway.com
- oziway.co.uk
- oziway.us
- uy.oziway.com
- ve.oziway.com
- za.oziway.com
- zw.oziway.com
- Oziway Network mobile app (Appstore and Google PlayStore)

By accessing or using our websites in any way, you agree to be bound by our contract below

This contract describes the Terms and Conditions applicable to the use of the services offered by Oziway within the sites mentioned above. Any person acting on their own behalf or on behalf of a legal entity who wishes to access and / or use the sites or services may do so subject to these Terms and Conditions, together with all other policies and documents that govern Oziway which are incorporated by reference.

The User must read, understand and accept all the conditions established in the Terms and Conditions and in the Privacy Policies, as well as in any other documents incorporated or linked therein by reference, prior to their registration as a User of our services.

The Services are only available to people who have legal capacity to contract. Persons who do not have this capacity, minors or Users of Oziway who have been temporarily suspended or permanently disabled may not use the services. If you are registering a User as a Company, you must have the capacity to contract on behalf of such an entity and to bind it under the terms of this Agreement.



1. Definitions


1.1. “you” and “your” and “yours” are references to you the person accessing our websites.

1.2. “Oziway”, “We”, “Us”, are references to Oziway Australia, 8 Cycas Street, Marcoola Sunshine Coast, Queensland 4564, Australia. Email address: [email protected]

1.3. “Chosen Payment Operator” are references to Oziway (China) Limited, Room 705, Lingnan Road 85, Foshan City, Guangdong, China. This entity is responsible for accepting payments from buyers, and fulfilling withdrawal requests from Buyers (for payments for their items) and from Promoters (for the earned commissions)

1.4. Item is a Product or Service or General Information added by the User (Seller) for publication on the Oziway platform

1.5. Seller is the User adding for publishing on the Oziway Platform an Item (Product or Service or General Information), the item will be published on the Oziway Platform for all Users to see.

1.6. The Seller of the item whose contact details are displayed on the “Seller Details” tab of the item page, is the entity responsible for the completion transaction, and takes on the full responsibility for the fulfillment of the transaction. The Seller is bound by a sales contract with the Buyer and takes on all the responsibilities that go along with such a contract

1.7. The word “Wallet” refers to the electronic wallet used for payments and payouts in the Oziway martketplace, sometimes also referred to as “E-Wallet”. The wallet is filled with funds (commissions for promotion and money from sales) and the funds will be available for withdrawal by the User to bank account, WeChat, PayPal or Western Union.

1.8. because the platform is operated by an Australian Entity (platform) and a Chinese Entity (payment platform), and used by a Seller, Buyer and Promoters which might all reside in different countries, the word “law” means the combined current legislation or law in Australia, China, and the country of the Seller, Buyer and Promoter (involved in promoting the transaction). For example, the phrase prohibited by law means that if an item or transaction is prohibited in any of the above countries, it is prohibited on the Oziway platform.

1.9. A Buyer is the User which decides to buy a published product/service or respond to a product/service demand on the platform. Oziway is a platform that allows users to add items, sell and buy just about anything in a variety of currencies and locations. The actual contract for sale is directly between the Seller and Buyer


2. Our Websites


2.1. The information, content and material available on these websites will vary from time to time without notice to you. This is because the Websites are a marketplace where Sellers continuously add Products and Services and where they can also add information about their needs for Business contacts)

2.2. The information available on the websites will also vary from time to time without notice, because we make the changes to ensure that the website is as up to date and functional as possible

2.3. The websites comprise of:

- i) oziway.com - the main landing page of the shop consumers as well as Sellers and Promoters. On Oziway.com after login, there is the Dashboard used by Sellers to post products, and by Promoters to enable and optimize their online Websites.
- ii) national shop website front pages, like oziway.com.au - the shop interface for Australian Customers, oziway.cn for Chinese customers and so on (different countries have different domains).
- iii) oziway.com/network/ - The business dashboard for Sellers and Promoters
- iv) Oziway Network mobile app (Appstore and Google PlayStore)

2.4. More information about how these websites work, is available under the Help link at the bottom of this page

2.5. We aim to have the websites available at all times, however, we cannot guarantee this or that it will be error free and we cannot accept liability for any issues that this may cause

2.6. You must not interfere with the working of our websites nor must you circumvent security on the site, tamper with, or hack into, or otherwise attempt to disrupt our computer system, server, website, router or any other internet connected device or service. You must not use the website to gain unauthorized access to any other computer system or website

2.7. Our website is intended for your personal or commercial use only (which must be reasonable and not offensive, abusive or in breach of any law or order). You are not permitted to access, use or copy any material or information on this website for any unlawful purpose

2.8. You are not allowed to use any device or software, or other means to interfere in the activities and operations of Oziway or with the published items, descriptions, accounts or databases of Oziway. Any interference, attempt or activity that violates or contravenes the laws on intellectual property rights and / or the prohibitions stipulated in this contract will make the responsible party liable for the pertinent legal actions, and the sanctions provided for in this agreement, as well as responsible to indemnify the damages caused.


3. Registration and Information About You


3.1. Where we have requested information from you, you agree to provide us with accurate and complete information.

3.2. It is mandatory to complete the registration form in all its fields with valid data in order to use the services provided by Oziway. The future User must complete it with their personal information in an exact, accurate and true manner (Personal Data) and assumes the commitment to update the Personal Data as necessary. Oziway may use various means to identify its Users, but Oziway is not responsible for the accuracy of the Personal Data provided by its Users. The Users guarantee the accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data entered

3.3. At its sole discretion, OZIWAY may require additional registration data for Users operating as car dealers or real estate agents

3.4. Oziway reserves the right to request proof of identity and / or additional data in order to process the Personal Data, as well as temporarily or permanently suspend those Users whose data could not be confirmed. In these cases of disqualification, all published articles, items and messages will be removed, without generating any right to compensation

3.5. The User will access his personal account by entering his login and chosen personal password. The User undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of his password

3.6. The Account is personal, unique and non-transferable, and it is forbidden for the same User to register or own more than one Account. In case Oziway detects different Accounts that contain matching or related data, we may cancel, suspend or disable those accounts without prior notice

3.7. The User will be responsible for all the operations carried out on his Account, since access to it is restricted to the entry and use of a password, known only to the User. The User agrees to notify Oziway immediately, of any unauthorized use of their Account, as well as the entry by unauthorized third parties to it. This does not prevent the User from being responsible for the operations that are carried out from their Account

3.8. The sale, assignment or transfer of the Account (including reputation and qualifications) is prohibited for any reason

3.9. Oziway reserves the right to reject any application for registration or to cancel a previously accepted registration, without being obliged to communicate or explain the reasons for its decision and without this generating any right to any compensation

3.10. You authorize us to use, store or otherwise process your Personal Information in order to allow us, or third parties, to provide goods and services to you and for marketing purposes. The purpose may include the disclosure of your personal information to selected third parties where we believe that the goods or services offered by such third parties may be of interest to you or where this is required by law or in order to provide the goods or service to you. An example of this is providing Your personal information to the Seller who needs to send you the ordered Product, or to the transport company that needs to deliver those goods to your address

3.11. You are entitled to view and modify the personal information we hold on you. This is available in the Business Dashboard.

3.12. We are not responsible for the improper use of your Personal Information made by these third parties like Service providers or Product suppliers. In some cases, these third parties will collect information directly from the user.

3.13. In the event that you provide, in your own initiative, additional information to said third parties directly, such parties will use this information in accordance with their own privacy policies

3.14. More information about how we handle your information can be found here: https://oziway.com/privacy/


4. For Buyers


4.1. A Buyer will make purchase offers for products and contracting offers for services

4.2. The Buyer is obligated to try to contact the Seller and complete the transaction if they have made an offer for a published item, unless the operation is prohibited by law or the Terms and Conditions and other policies of Oziway, in which case the Buyer will not be obliged to proceed with the transaction

4.3. When making an offer for an item the Buyer agrees to be bound by the conditions of sale included in the description of the article to the extent that they do not violate the laws or the Terms and Conditions and other policies of Oziway. The offer of purchase is irrevocable except in exceptional circumstances, such as that the Seller substantially changes the description or price of the article after an offer is made, that there is a clear typographical error, or that the Buyer can not verify the identity of the Seller

4.4. The purchase offers will only be considered valid, once they have been processed by the computer system of Oziway

4.5. As established by current tax regulations, the buyer must demand an invoice or receipt from the Seller as proof of purchase. The Seller is not obligated to issue an invoice or receipt only in the case of an individual who makes occasional sales

4.6. Please take note who you are buying from. You are buying from an external entity, whose contact details are displayed on the Seller Information page of the published item. We are a marketplace publishing items added by Sellers. When you decide to buy, you enter into a legally binding contract with the Seller to purchase an item when you commit to buy the item

4.7. You are responsible for reading the full offer description before making a commitment to buy a Product or Service

4.8. Oziway does not transfer legal ownership of items from the Seller to the Buyer

4.9. By choosing Sellers with best opinion history, you are increasing your chances of positive transaction experience

4.10. There is a possibility of an unsuccessful transaction. This is because there might be a Seller which will not respect the transaction terms. For this reason, unless you know who you are buying from (from previous experience), we ask you to take all necessary precautions that you would normally take when purchasing from an unknown partner. Additionally, report dispute cases to us using the form on the Contact Page, link is at the bottom of this page so we can take appropriate action in solving your transaction dispute

4.11. While we may help in the resolution of disputes through various procedures, Oziway has no control over and does not guarantee the existence, quality, safety or legality of items advertised; the truth or accuracy of user's content or listings; the ability of Sellers to sell items; or that a Seller will actually complete a transaction

4.12. In order to increase safety for all parties, we make our best efforts to ensure that transactions are successfully fulfilled. We offer ways to report by Sellers and Buyers any bad experiences that they might have while buying or selling on Oziway. These opinions are then publicly available for others to see. Because accounts are verified when they are setup, it will be difficult for a dishonest User to setup a second account

4.13. By choosing the Online Payment option during the transaction, you are increasing the chance of a successful User experience. We use a Chosen Payment Operator to process the payments, and pay to the Seller once we receive confirmation from the Buyer that the item has arrived. If no confirmation is received within 7 days of the intended date of the transaction finalization, the transaction is assumed as complete and the payment is forwarded to the Seller


5. Return Policy AND Refund Policy.


5.1. If you as a Buyer need to Return the Product or Service, please contact the Seller that You purchased the item from. Contact information to them is available on the orfer page, or in the My Orders dashboard (go into the details of the order to see Seller contact information)

In most cases:

- services are not refundable, unless the service has not been done. Please write to us within 10 days of the purchase to explain what has not been done, so that we can resolve the dispute with the service provider and either ensure that it gets done, or ask them to return your payment
- digital products are not refundable, unless the download link is not working. Please write to us within 10 working days of the purchase so that we can verify and deliver your product. If you have any other issues with the product, please let us know, so that we can resolve the dispute with the digital product provider
- for physical products, write to us using the “Returns and Refunds” module in the Dashboard, the “Contact Form”, the internal “Messenger” module, or via email (email address on the Contact page), to explain the problem with the item


5.2. We respect the standard Warranty conditions in your country, and require Seller to do so also, under a set of conditions outlined below:

Generally this means:

- a term of up to 2 years from the date of purchase for product defects, or as required by your country legislation
- a term of up to 10 days return policy, or as required by your country legislation for unconditional returns
- an unconditional return if your product does not arrive within 30 days from the date of purchase (unless otherwise stated on the offer page or Transaction Fulfillment Module, especially for international purchases), or as required by your country legislation


5.3. After a refund is agreed on, you will receive a credit to your Oziway Wallet balance for the price of the product (excluding any transport, tax or customs fees that may arise while the product is shipped from or back to us). This credit can be used to make another purchase, or to request a withdraw to your personal bank account, Wechat, PayPal or via Western Union

5.4. Please note that in most cases, warranty does not cover normal use of the product (wear and tear).

5.5. In order to start the refund procedure, you will need to return the Product (in the same condition you received it, in the original packaging, with the original receipt) at your own cost to the address of the Seller where the product will undergo a qualification analysis.

5.6. Upon a successful qualification for a refund, the credit will be added to your Wallet balance by the Seller

5.7. If there are any issues with the qualification, the Seller should contact you to get more information and to continue the qualification process


6. For Sellers


The acceptance of these regulations obliges Sellers to fully comply with and compensate for occasional damages due to their non-observance or neglect, which will be their responsibility

Therefore Oziway expects Sellers to consistently provide a service that provides a high level of satisfaction to the Buyer. This includes setting the expectations of the Buyer and meeting them, offering excellent customer service from start to finish

6.1. The User must add items to be published, in the appropriate categories and subcategories

6.2. Publications may include descriptive texts, graphics, photographs and other content and conditions relevant to the sale of the item or the contracting of the service, provided that they do not violate any provision of this Agreement or other policies of Oziway

6.3. The item offered by the Seller must be exactly described in terms of its relevant conditions and characteristics. OZIWAY may remove any publication whose description does not match the product offered

6.4. It is understood and presumed that by added the offer on Oziway, the Seller accepts that they have the intention and the right to publish the item, or are authorized to do so by its owner and have them available for the immediate delivery or service (unless described otherwise on the item page)

6.5. It is established that the prices of the published items must be expressed with appropriate GST or VAT tax when applicable, and in legal tender currency

6.6. Oziway may remove any published item whose price is not expressed in this way to avoid confusion or misunderstanding regarding the final price of the offer

6.7. In the event that any of the provisions set forth in the clauses 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6 are violated, Oziway may edit the offer, request the Seller to edit it, or cancel the publication where the infringement is found

6.8. Inclusion of images and photographs. The user can include images and photographs of the published item as long as they correspond to the item, except in the case of goods or products or services that by their nature do not allow this publishing. The Seller declares and guarantees that they are authorized to include the images and photographs contained in the publications, being responsible for any infringement of the rights of third parties

6.9. Oziway may prevent the publication of the photograph, and even of the offer, if it interprets, in its sole discretion, that the image does not comply with these Terms and Conditions

6.10. The User grants Oziway a free and unlimited authorization to publish and / or adapt the images included in its publications for the purpose of product classification in all its sites, social networks and / or by any means that Oziway uses for its communication

6.11. It is expressly established that no description may contain personal or contact information, such as, and not limited to, telephone numbers, e-mail address, postal address, Internet page addresses containing data such as those mentioned above. In the event that any of the provisions established in this clause are violated, Oziway may edit the offer, request the Seller to edit it, or delete the offer where the violation is found

6.12. Prohibited Items. Only those whose sale is not expressly prohibited in the Terms and Conditions and other policies of Oziway or by current law, may be published on Oziway

6.13. The Seller User must have the legal capacity to sell the published item

6.14. If the Seller has received an offer of purchase from a Buyer for the price that was set in the offer, he is obligated to try to communicate with the buyer and complete the transaction with the Buyer who made the offer. Only in exceptional cases the Seller may void the sale, such as when he has not been able to agree with the Buyer on the form of payment, delivery or it is not possible to verify the true identity, address or other important information of the Buyer.

6.15. Oziway will have the right to offer the Online Payment method differently to those Sellers which have been verified by Oziway. For a Verified Seller (who sends formal documents proving their business operations), items published with Online Payment will be made available instantly. For other Sellers (not verified), Items will need to be verified by Oziway before they are published. For Offline payment items, all are published instantly irrespective of whether the Seller has been verified or not

6.16. Oziway will have the right to require, according to the criteria it deems appropriate, that certain Sellers only advertise their goods or services on the platform through the use of Online Payment or, certain Item categories are only available through the use of Online Payment, and within a certain level of commission (for example downloadable digital products), for the quicker collection of the fees and distribution of the commissions.

6.17. Given that Oziway is only a point of contact between Buyer and Seller and does not participate in the operations carried out between them, the Seller will be responsible for all the obligations and tax charges that correspond to the sale of its items, and Oziway will be exempt from any type of responsibility for breaches in this regard.

6.18. Taxes - As mentioned above, Oziway only makes available to users a virtual space that allows them to communicate through the Internet to find a way to sell or buy products and / or services

6.19. Oziway does not have any participation in the process of negotiation and completion of the transaction between the parties, therefore, Oziway is not responsible for the effective compliance with tax or tax obligations established by current law

6.20. The Seller accepts that his Buyer can revoke the purchase within a period of 10 days after receiving the product. Likewise, the Seller accepts that the buyers may request the exchange or return of the product under the general legal terms

6.21. In any of the aforementioned cases, the Seller must accept the exchange or return of the item sold and may be responsible for the expenses that this entails, including shipping costs that may be necessary

6.22. Oziway may debit these costs from the wallet balance of the Seller

6.23. As a Seller, you undertake, independently, without legal subordination, using your own means and a professional autonomy, to market your items within the Oziway platform, for which you will carry out the following activities in an appropriate and timely manner:

- Solve problems with your clients quickly
- Make your shipments on time, within the specified management period
- Manage inventory and keep it up to date
- Specify the shipping costs and shipping handling time
- Follow your return policy
- Respond promptly to Buyers questions
- Be helpful, friendly and professional during a transaction
- Make sure the item is delivered to the Buyer, as described on the page
- You will ensure to provide a positive experience for the Buyer


6.24. Regulatory compliance: In case the Seller fails to comply with the policy described in 6.23, Oziway may unilaterally set limits to the sales activity of the Seller within the platform, hide the Sellers items for a period of time, and even prohibit entry to the platform and thus prohibit the sale of items by the Seller. In case of non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions, this Policy and any other policy established by Oziway, the Seller will be prohibited to register a new account until they resolve or clarify the breach committed

6.25. While posting your offers remember that:

- You are allowed to post your Offer, provided that it is not illegal in Australia, China or within the country in which you reside
- You will not post, list or upload content or items in inappropriate categories or areas on our sites
- You will not breach or circumvent any laws, third-party rights or our systems or policies
- You will not use our Services if you are not able to form legally binding contracts, or are temporarily or indefinitely suspended from using our sites, services, applications or tools
- You will not fail to deliver Products or Services offered by you, unless you have a valid reason, for example, the Buyer fails to comply with the posted terms in your listing or you cannot contact the buyer
- You will not post false, inaccurate, misleading, deceptive, defamatory, or libelous content
- You will not take any action that may undermine the feedback or ratings systems
- You will not distribute or post spam, unsolicited or bulk electronic communications, chain letters, or pyramid schemes
- You will not distribute viruses or any other technologies that may harm Oziway or the interests or property of users
- You will not interfere with the working of our Services
- You will not offer content as a Seller that does not belong to you or will not belong to you at the time when it needs to be delivered
- You will not infringe the copyright, trademark, patent, publicity, moral, database, and/or other intellectual property rights that belong to or are licensed to Oziway or any other Party, without prior consent of that Party
- You are responsible for the accuracy and content of the listing and item offered
- If Your tax institutions or the Customer require You to issue a receipt for the offered product (for tax purposes), You will issue such a receipt. If You are not able to issue a receipt, You will inform the Customer before they declare to Buy Your product or service
- We have the right to deactivate or delete any products and suspend user accounts without prior notice, in case of breach of any of the above
- in order to be able to sell with an online payment to consumers, you nered to be a Verified Seller and have your products Verified. In such cases, we wil buy the product from you and resell to the consumer. Please contact Oziway to enquire about the verification process
- Even if you did not start the verification process, a consumer might choose to buy your product with an online payment. In such a case, we will contact you about you selling the product to us, and we will sell the product to the consumer using our online payment systems


6.26. Prohibited Items: a Seller can add to the Oziway platform only those items whose sale is not expressly prohibited by law or in the Terms and Conditions and other policies of Oziway, among the prohibited item categories there are:

- Adults Only products (sexual products)
- Wild animals and products: for example, live animals, dissected or dried specimens
- Charity and fundraising
- Used cosmetics
- Counterfeit coins and stamps
- Credit cards
- Descriptions of drugs or similar substances
- Illegal Drugs and related products
- Firearms and hunting knives
- Government documents and identification cards
- Hazardous materials: for example, batteries, fireworks and refrigerants
- Remains of parts of humans and animals
- Offensive materials: for example, ethically or racially offensive and memorable materials from the German Nazi era
- Pesticides
- Police items
- Prohibited services
- Stolen property
- Tobacco or marijuana


6.27. Online Payments: The Seller may use the online payment services provided by Oziway. In this case, the payments made by Buyers will be credited to the bank account owned by Chosen Payment Operator, to be subsequently sent to the accounts of each of the Sellers as requested.


7. For Promotors - Commissions

7.1. The only commissions that you are entitled to, are success fees of your direct sales or the sales of promotors invited directly by you (recruited by you) to Oziway, payable after Oziway receives the Commission from the Sellers

7.2. Once a Buyer registers from your promotional link or from your website (both links are available in your Dashboard), they are placed in your organization structure and all subsequent orders are added to your turnover for commission calculation

7.3. Once a Promoter registers from your registration link, they are placed in your organization structure and their direct Promotion resulting in their commission, results in a small commission for you also

7.4. Every Commission is allocated to:

- i) The commission for the 1st level Promotor (the promoter that made the sale)
- ii) The commission for the 2nd level Promotor (the promoter that invited the 1st level Promoter to Oziway)
- iii) The commission for Oziway
- iv) Administration fees for transactions (like credit card payment fees by Seller etc.)


7.5. You are obligated to report all earnings from Oziway, to your tax authorities in your country, in order to pay appropriate taxes

7.6. We will not report this to any tax authorities, with the exception of Australia (in case of a tax audit)

7.7. If Your tax authority requires You to issue an invoice or a receipt for the commission that You receive from Oziway, please issue this document and send a copy to Oziway. Company details to place on the document, and contact details to send a copy of the document to, can be found on the Contact page

7.8. The minimal threshold to payout a commission is $10 USD. All payouts are charged a certain percentage of the payout amount to pay for payment fees, bank transfers etc. When requesting a payout, you will see which payout method is charged what percentage (for example Western Union is more expensive than Bank Transfer, but WeChat is the cheapest). The payouts are calculated in the USD currency (and converted to your currency at the time of payment according to our exchange tables which are linked to xe.com exchange service)

7.9. Currently we use 4 payment methods to deliver the money to you:

- i) Bank Transfer (we use Transferwise.com)
- ii) WeChat (for China)
- iii) PayPal
- iv) Western Union (collect cash in Western Union offices around the world)


7.10. The commissions are paid in monthly intervals at the end of the calendar month

7.11. All commission payouts need to be requested at least 7 days before the end of the calendar month, we need time to process the commission requests


8. Charges and Billing


Registration on Oziway is free

The Seller only has to pay Oziway a declared commission for the sale when the transaction is completed

The commissions and other charges calculated by the system are due to be paid by the Seller within the designated time

In case of Online payment transactions, these charges are deducted automatically from the payment made by the Buyer.

In case of Offline payment transactions, the Seller is obligated to pay the declared commission after completing the transaction, using an online payment gateway of their choice. The Dashboard system informs the User, what charges are due for payment.

All charges paid to Oziway will result in tax Receipts for marketing services being issued by Oziway for the amount of the commission

In the event that the due charges are not paid within 7 days of notice, the items of the Seller will be suspended from publishing.

In the event that the due charges are not paid within the next 7 days, the Seller account will be deactivated and items will be deleted from the platform

In order to reactivate the account, additional charges may apply

In the event that the due charges are not paid within the following 14 days, Oziway may initiate legal action


9. Intellectual Property Rights Ownership


All rights created in relation to the contents of this platform and any trademarks or marks used on the website vest in us absolutely or under license. You must not modify, copy, reproduce, upload, post, transmit or distribute by any means or in any manner whatsoever, any material or information or download from our website except where expressly invited to do so or indicated on our platform


10. Linked Sites


There are a number of links on our website to third party websites which we believe may be of interest to you. We do not represent the quality of the goods or services provided by such third parties nor do we have any control over the content or availability of such sites. We cannot accept any responsibility for the content of third party websites or the services or goods that they may provide to you


11. Limitation of Liability


11.1. Great care has been taken to ensure that the information available on this website is correct and error free. We apologize for any errors or omissions that may have occurred. We cannot warrant that use of the website will be error free or fit for purpose, timely, that defects will be corrected, or that the site or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or bugs or represents the full functionality, accuracy, reliability of the website and we do not make any warranty whatsoever, whether explicit or implied, relating to fitness for purpose, or accuracy. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer

11.2. Oziway is making its best attempt to ensure that published items do not infringe intellectual and property rights and any other rights of third parties. Third parties who are entitled to rights may identify and request the removal of those items that in their discretion infringe or violate their rights. In the event that Oziway suspects that an illegal or infringing activity of intellectual or property rights is being committed, Oziway reserves the right to adopt all measures it seems appropriate

11.3. We do not accept any liability for any delays, failures, errors or omissions or loss of transmitted information, viruses or other contamination or destructive properties transmitted to you or your computer system via our website.

11.4. We have taken all reasonable steps to prevent internet fraud and ensure any data collected from you is stored as securely and safely as possible. However, we cannot be held liable in the extremely unlikely event of a breach in our secure computer servers or those of third parties.

11.5. Because we do not have control over the items that the Sellers post, no responsibility can be attributed to Us for illegal products or services, stolen or those in poor condition. In turn, the Buyer should verify the items that they intend to buy. Dealing with Verified Sellers increases the chance of positive Buyer experience

11.6. We try to verify items that are added on Oziway, additionally the Sellers are obligated to add only items which do not breach current law. Nevertheless, we can not take responsibility in case a Seller adds an item which breaches this agreement, especially paragraph 6

11.7. If there are any disputes between sides of a transaction in Oziway, we will use our legal capacities to take the side of the party which we feel is affected by this commercial activity

11.8. Based on this, it should be noted that we do not take any responsibility that has to do with an illegal transaction that could damage our image


12. Administration


Each user of this website acknowledges and agrees that the services offered by Oziway and covered by this service may, under separate agreements between Oziway and third parties, be provided by subcontractors. In particular but not limited to, the services of administering this service and billing and payment services

Every person accessing this website hereby agrees to the execution of above mentioned services by subcontractors, and acknowledges the fact that subcontractors will have access to user data and transactions carried out by them

Oziway undertakes to ensure that subcontractors comply with all Terms and Conditions of this agreement and will provide the highest level of services


13. Sanctions. Suspension of accounts and services


13.1. Without prejudice to other measures, Oziway may warn, suspend temporarily or permanently disable a User account or a published item, apply a penalty that negatively impacts the reputation of a User, initiate the actions it deems appropriate and / or suspend the provision of its Services to the User if:

- i) any law, or any of the stipulations of these Terms and Conditions and other policies of Oziway will be violated.
- ii) if you fail to fulfill your commitments as a User.
- iii) if at the discretion of Oziway you are involved in malicious or fraudulent conduct or acts.
- iv) the identity of the User could not be verified or any information provided by the User would be wrong


13.2. Under no circumstance will a User use a device, software, or other means tending to interfere with any of the activities or operations of Oziway and the published items, descriptions, accounts or databases of the Oziway Platform. Any interference, attempt or activity in violation of the beforementioned or contrary to the laws on intellectual property rights and / or the prohibitions stipulated in this contract will make the User personally responsible for the relevant legal actions, and the sanctions provided for in this agreement, as well as hold him liable to indemnify the damages caused. Additionally, in such cases, the User account will be suspended immediately without this generating any right to any compensation by the User

13.3. Oziway understands that item publications or other actions by a User may cause a responsibility to Oziway or to other Users (for example Buyers). In the case of the suspension or disqualification of a User, all the items that were published by the User who is Seller will be hidden. Offers for the purchase of items published by the suspended User will also be Cancelled in the system


14. Responsibility


14.1. Oziway only makes available to Users a platform which is a virtual space that allows them to communicate through the Internet to find a way to sell or buy products or services

14.2. Oziway in general is not the owner of the items offered, does not own them or offer them for sale.

14.3. in some cases, Oziway (China) Limited might be a seller of certain goods in order to make the transaction easier for the Buyer. In every case the details of the Seller of the item is presented on the Seller Details tab of the Item page and this Seller is responsible for delivering the item to the Buyer

14.4. Oziway does not intervene in the operations carried out between the Users or in the conditions stipulated by them, therefore it will not be responsible for the existence, quality, quantity, state, integrity or legitimacy of the items offered , acquired or sent by the Users, as well as the ability to contract by the Users or the veracity of the Personal Data entered by them. Each User knows and accepts to be the solely responsible party for the items published for sale and for the offers and / or purchases made

14.5. Because Oziway does not have any participation during the entire time the item is published, nor in the subsequent negotiation and completion of the definitive contract between the parties (Seller and Buyer), it will not be responsible for the effective fulfillment of the assumed obligations by the Sellers or Buyers. The User knows and accepts that when carrying out operations with other Users or third parties, they do so at their own risk. In no case Oziway will be responsible for lost profits, or for any other damage and / or damage that they may have suffered, due to operations performed or not performed by other Users (Buyers, Sellers or Promoters).

14.6. Oziway recommends acting with prudence and common sense when carrying out operations with other Users. The User must also bear in mind the risks of contracting with minors or with people who use a false identity. Oziway will not be responsible for the fulfillment of offers and / or operations with other Users based on the trust placed in the system or the Services provided by Oziway

14.7. In the event that one or more Users or any third party initiates any type of claim or legal action against another User, each and every one of the Users involved in the claim or action exempts Oziway and its directors, managers, employees, agents, operators, representatives and attorneys from any responsibility.


15. Scope of Services of Oziway


15.1. This agreement does not create any partnership, mandate, franchise, or employment relationship between Oziway and the User

15.2. The User acknowledges and accepts that Oziway is not a party to any operation, nor does it have any control over the quality, security or legality of the items advertised, the veracity or accuracy of the advertisements, the ability of Users to sell or buy items

15.3. Oziway can not assure that a User will complete an operation, nor will it guarantee that it has verified the identity or Personal Data entered by Users

15.4. Oziway does not guarantee the veracity of third-party advertising that appears on the site and will not be responsible for correspondence or contracts entered into by the User with said third parties or with other Users

15.5. All users carry out their activities independently, that is, without legal subordination, using their own means and with professional autonomy.


16. System failures


Oziway is not responsible for any damage, or loss to the User caused by failures in the system, on the server or on the Internet. Oziway will not be responsible for any virus that could infect the User equipment as a result of access, use or examination of Oziway platform or following any transfer of data, files, images, texts, or audio contained therein. Users may not impute any responsibility or demand payment for loss of profit, by virtue of damages resulting from technical difficulties or failures in the platform or on the Internet. Oziway does not guarantee the continued and uninterrupted access and use of its website. The system may not be available due to technical difficulties or Internet failures, or for any other circumstances; In such cases, efforts will be made to restore platform availability as quickly as possible, without any responsibility being imposed on Oziway. Oziway will not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained in its website.


17. Intellectual property


17.1. The contents of the screens related to the services of Oziway as well as the programs, databases, networks, files that allow the User to access and use the Account, are property of Oziway and are protected by the laws and international treaties of copyright, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs

17.2. The improper use and total or partial reproduction of said contents are prohibited, unless explicitly authorized in writing by Oziway.

17.3. The website may contain links to other websites which does not indicate that they are owned or operated by Oziway

17.4. In virtue that Oziway has no control over such sites, it will not be responsible for the contents, materials, actions and / or services provided by them, nor for damages or losses caused by the use thereof, whether caused directly or by indirectly.

17.5. The presence of links to other websites does not imply a partnership, relationship, approval, support of Oziway to such sites and their contents


18. Indemnity


18.1. The User shall hold harmless Oziway as well as its affiliates, controlled and / or controlling companies, officers, directors, successors, administrators, representatives and employees, for any claim initiated by other Users, third parties or by any entity, related with its activities on the website, compliance with and / or non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions or other Policies, as well as with respect to any violation of laws or rights of third parties.

18.2. To this end, the User authorizes Oziway to:

- intervene and represent him in said claims, being able to enter into the transactional agreements that he deems appropriate and that tend to avoid higher costs and / or avoid eventual contingencies without limitation, in his name and representation
- withhold and debit from your Account the existing and / or future funds to recover the expenses incurred in the agreements, which may include the fees of the intervening attorneys and court costs in a reasonable amount, and / or
- generate specific debits in the Users billing.


19. Anti Money Laundering and Prevention of Terrorism


19.1. Users, Promoters, Sellers and Buyers are obligated to perform all activities aimed at ensuring that all their services, products, personnel in charge, employees, partners, shareholders, administrators, customers, suppliers, etc and their resources, are not related or come from illegal activities; particularly, money laundering or terrorist financing

19.2. If there are reasonable doubts about the operations of a User, Buyer, Seller or Promoter, as well as the origin of their assets and / or any of these, will become subject of an investigation of any kind related to illegal activities, money laundering or terrorist financing, in accordance with international law Oziway will have the right to suspend the User account


20. General


20.1. Modifications of the Agreement: Oziway may modify the General Terms and Conditions at any time by making the modified terms public on the Sites. All modified terms will be effective 7 (seven) calendar days after publication. These modifications will be communicated by Oziway to the users. Any user who does not agree with the modifications made by OZIWAY may request to cancel the account by writing a message to [email protected] from the email address which is linked to the Oziway account

20.2. The use of the website and platform and / or its services implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, as well as any other documents incorporated or linked therein by reference

20.3. This Agreement or Document has been translated into different languages by Automatic Translation. In the event that any of the Translations and the English version conflict, the English version shall prevail

20.4. These Terms and Conditions and our agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Australia. The parties hereto submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the appropriate courts of Australia


Pogoji in določila




Naslednji pogoji in določila veljajo pri uporabi naše platforme Oziway.com in vseh ustreznih spletnih strani, ki se uporabljajo za objavo postavk, ki jih dodajo prodajalci, trenutno Ti vključujejo:

- ar.oziway.com
- oziway.at
- oziway.com.au
- bd.oziway.com
- oziway.be
- bo.oziway.com
- oziway.com.br
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- uy.oziway.com
- ve.oziway.com
- za.oziway.com
- zw.oziway.com
- Oziway Network mobile app (Appstore and Google PlayStore)

Z dostopanjem ali uporabo naših spletnih strani na kakršen koli način soglašate, da vas zavezuje naša pogodba spodaj

Ta pogodba opisuje pogoje in določila, ki se uporabljajo za uporabo storitev, ki jih ponuja Oziway v zgoraj omenjenih krajih. Vsaka oseba, ki deluje v svojem imenu ali v imenu pravne osebe, ki želi dostopati do spletnih mest ali storitev in/ali jih uporablja, lahko to storijo pod temi pogoji in določili, skupaj z vsemi drugimi politikami in dokumenti, ki urejajo Oziway, ki so vključeni v referenčni.

Uporabnik mora prebrati, razumeti in sprejeti vse pogoje, določene v pogojih poslovanja in v pravilniku o zasebnosti, kot tudi v vseh drugih dokumentih, ki so v njem vključeni ali povezani s sklicevanjem, pred njihovo registracijo kot uporabnik naših storitev.

Storitve so na voljo samo osebam, ki imajo pravno sposobnost za sklenitev pogodbe. Osebe, ki nimajo te zmogljivosti, mladoletniki ali uporabniki Oziway, ki so začasno začasno ali trajno onemogočeni, ne smejo uporabljati storitev. Če registrirate uporabnika kot podjetje, morate imeti na voljo pogodbo v imenu takega subjekta in ga zavezuje v skladu s pogoji te pogodbe..





1.1. "vi" in "vaše" in "tvoje" so sklicevanja na vas oseba, ki dostopajo do naših spletnih strani.

1,2,"Oziway", "mi", "nas", so sklicevanja na Oziway Australia, 8 Cycas Street, Marcoola Sunshine Coast, Queensland 4564, Australia. Elektronski naslov: [email protected]

1.3. "Izbrani izvajalec plačil" so sklici na Oziway (China) Limited, Room 705, Lingnan Road 85, Foshan City, Guangdong, China. Ta subjekt je odgovoren za sprejemanje plačil od kupcev, in izpolnjujejo zahteve za umik od kupcev (za plačila za svoje postavke) in od predlagateljev (za zaslužene provizije)

1.4. Artikel je izdelek ali storitev ali splošne informacije, ki jih doda uporabnik (prodajalec) za objavo na Oziway platformo

1.5. Prodajalec je uporabnik dodaja za objavo na Oziway platformo artikel (izdelek ali storitev ali splošne informacije), bo predmet objavljen na Oziway platformo za vse uporabnike za prikaz.

1,6,Prodajalec artikla, katerega kontaktni podatki so prikazani na kartici» podrobnosti o prodajalcu «na strani artikla, je subjekt, odgovoren za transakcijo dokončanja, in prevzame polno odgovornost za izpolnitev posla. Prodajalec je vezan s prodajno pogodbo s kupcem in prevzame vse odgovornosti, ki gredo skupaj s takšno pogodbo

1.7. Beseda "Denarnica" se nanaša na elektronsko denarnico, ki se uporablja za plačila in izplačila v Oziway martketplace, včasih tudi imenovana "E-Denarnica". Denarnica je napolnjena s sredstvi (provizije za promocijo in denar od prodaje) in sredstva bodo na voljo za umik, ki ga uporabnik na bančni račun, WeChat, PayPal ali Western Union.

1,8,ker platforma upravlja avstralski subjekt (platforma) in Kitajska entiteta (plačilna platforma), ki jo uporablja prodajalec, kupec in predlagatelji, ki bi lahko vsi prebivali v različnih državah, beseda "zakon" pomeni kombinirano veljavno zakonodajo ali zakonodajo v Avstraliji, na Kitajskem in v državi prodajalca, kupca in promotorja (sodelujejo pri promociji posla). Na primer, besedna zveza, ki je prepovedana z zakonom, pomeni, da je, če je artikel ali transakcija prepovedana v kateri koli od zgornjih držav, prepovedana na platformi Oziway.

1,9,Kupec je uporabnik, ki se odloči za nakup objavljen izdelek/storitev ali se odzivajo na povpraševanje izdelek/storitev na platformi. Oziway je platforma, ki omogoča uporabnikom, da dodate predmete, prodati in kupiti skoraj nič v različnih valutah in lokacijah. Dejanska pogodba za prodajo je neposredno med prodajalcem in kupcem


2. Naše spletne strani


2.1. Informacije, vsebine in gradivo, ki so na voljo na teh spletnih straneh, se občasno razlikujejo, ne da bi vas obvestili. To je zato, ker so spletne strani tržnica, kjer prodajalci nenehno dodajajo izdelke in storitve in kjer lahko dodajo tudi informacije o svojih potrebah za poslovne stike)

2.2. Informacije, ki so na voljo na spletnih straneh, se občasno razlikujejo tudi od časa do časa, saj spremembe zagotavljajo, da je spletna stran čim bolj ažurne in funkcionalne.

2.3. Spletne strani obsegajo:

- i) oziway.com - glavna ciljna stran trgovine potrošnikov, kot tudi prodajalci in predlagatelji. Na Oziway.com po prijavi, je Nadzorna plošča, ki jo prodajalci uporabljajo za objavljanje izdelkov, in jih promotorji za omogočanje in optimizacijo njihove spletne strani.
IInacionalni spletni strani shop sprednji strani, kot oziway.com.au-shop vmesnik za avstralske stranke, oziway.cn za kitajske stranke in tako naprej (različne države imajo različne domene).
-III) oziway.com/network/-Poslovna Nadzorna plošča za prodajalce in nosilce projektov
- iv) Oziway Network mobilna aplikacija (AppStore in Google PlayStore)

2.4. Več informacij o tem, kako delujejo ta spletna mesta, je na voljo v povezavi s pomočjo na dnu te strani

2.5. Naš cilj je, da so spletne strani na voljo ves čas, vendar pa ne moremo zagotoviti to, ali da bo brez napak in ne moremo sprejeti odgovornosti za vsa vprašanja, ki lahko to povzroči

2.6. Ne smete posegati v delovanje naših spletnih strani, niti morate zaobiti varnost na mestu, spreminjati z, ali kramp v, ali kako drugače poskušajo motijo naš računalniški sistem, strežnik, spletno stran, usmerjevalnik ali katero koli drugo internetno povezano napravo ali storitev. Spletnega mesta ne smete uporabljati za pridobitev nepooblaščenega dostopa do katerega koli drugega računalniškega sistema ali spletnega mesta

2.7. Naša spletna stran je namenjena samo za vašo osebno ali komercialno uporabo (ki mora biti razumna in ne žaljiva, zlorablja ali krši zakon ali red). Ne smete dostopati, uporabljati ali kopirati gradiva ali informacij na tej spletni strani za kakršen koli nezakonit namen

2.8. Ne smete uporabljati nobene naprave ali programske opreme, ali drugih sredstev za vmešavati v dejavnosti in dejavnosti Oziway ali z objavljenimi predmeti, opisi, računi ali podatkovnih baz Oziway. Vsak poseg, poskus ali dejavnost, ki krši ali krši zakone o pravicah intelektualne lastnine in/ali prepovedi, določene v tej pogodbi, bo odgovorna stranka odgovorna za ustrezne pravne ukrepe in sankcije, predvidene v tem sporazumu, kot tudi odgovorne za povrnitev škode, povzročene.


Registracija in informacije o vas


3.1. Če smo zahtevali informacije od vas, se strinjate, da nam posredujete točne in popolne informacije.

3,2,Obvezno je, da izpolnite obrazec za registracijo na vseh svojih področjih z veljavnimi podatki, da bi uporabljali storitve, ki jih Oziway. Prihodnji uporabnik ga mora izpolniti s svojimi osebnimi podatki natančno, natančno in resnično (osebni podatki) in prevzema zavezo, da bo po potrebi posodobil osebne podatke. Oziway lahko uporabljajo različne načine za identifikacijo svojih uporabnikov, vendar Oziway ni odgovoren za točnost osebnih podatkov, ki jih njegovi uporabniki. Uporabniki zagotavljajo točnost, veljavnost in pristnost osebnih podatkov, vnesenih v

3.3. Po lastni presoji lahko OZIWAY zahteva dodatne registracijske podatke za uporabnike, ki delujejo kot trgovci z avtomobili ali nepremičninski agenti

3.4. Oziway si pridržuje pravico, da zahteva dokazilo o identiteti in/ali dodatnih podatkih za obdelavo osebnih podatkov, pa tudi začasno ali trajno prekine tiste uporabnike, katerih podatkov ni bilo mogoče potrditi. V teh primerih diskvalifikacije bodo vsi objavljeni članki, predmeti in sporočila odstranjeni, ne da bi se ustvarila kakršna koli pravica do odškodnine

3.5. Uporabnik bo dostop do svojega osebnega računa, ki ga vnesete svojo prijavo in izbrano osebno geslo. Uporabnik se zavezuje, da bo ohranil zaupnost svojega gesla

3.6. Račun je oseben, edin ter non-prenosljiv, ter ono je prepovedan zakaj isto uporabnik v register ali lasten več mimo nedoločni zaimek račun. V primeru, Oziway zazna različne račune, ki vsebujejo ujemanje ali povezane podatke, lahko prekličemo, začasno prekine ali onemogoči te račune brez predhodnega obvestila

3.7. Uporabnik bo odgovoren za vse operacije, opravljene na njegovem računu, saj je dostop do njega omejen na vnos in uporabo gesla, znanega samo uporabniku. Uporabnik se strinja, da takoj obvesti Oziway, o kakršni koli nepooblaščeni uporabi svojega računa, kot tudi vstop nepooblaščenih tretjih oseb za to. To uporabniku ne preprečuje, da bi bil odgovoren za operacije, ki se izvajajo iz njihovega računa

3.8. Prodaja, odstop ali prenos računa (vključno z ugledom in kvalifikacijami) je iz kakršnega koli razloga prepovedan

3.9. Oziway si pridržuje pravico, da zavrne kakršno koli prošnjo za registracijo ali prekliče predhodno sprejeto registracijo, ne da bi bila dolžna sporočiti ali obrazložiti razloge za svojo odločitev in ne da bi ta ustvarila kakršno koli pravico do odškodnine

3.10. Pooblaščate nas za uporabo, shranjevanje ali drugačno obdelavo vaših osebnih podatkov, da bi nam ali tretjim osebam zagotovili blago in storitve za vas in za namene trženja. Namen lahko vključuje razkritje vaših osebnih podatkov izbranim tretjim osebam, če menimo, da je blago ali storitve, ki jih ponujajo te tretje osebe, lahko zanimive za vas ali če to zahteva zakon ali da se vam zagotovi blago ali storitev. Primer tega je zagotavljanje vaše osebne podatke prodajalcu, ki vam mora poslati naročenega izdelka, ali prevozno podjetje, ki mora dostaviti to blago na vaš naslov

3.11. Pravico imate, da si ogledate in spreminjate osebne podatke, ki jih zadržujemo. To je na voljo na nadzorni plošči podjetja.

3,12,Nismo odgovorni za nepravilno uporabo vaših osebnih podatkov, ki so jih naredili ti tretji strani, kot so ponudniki storitev ali dobavitelji izdelkov. V nekaterih primerih bodo te tretje osebe zbirale informacije neposredno od uporabnika.

3,13,Če na lastno pobudo posredujete dodatne informacije tretjim osebam neposredno, bodo te informacije uporabljale v skladu s svojimi pravilniki o zasebnosti

3.14. Več informacij o tem, kako ravnati z vašimi podatki, lahko najdete tukaj: https://oziway.com/privacy/


4. Za kupce


4.1. Kupec bo nakup ponudbe za izdelke in ponudbe za ponudbo za storitve

4.2. Kupec je dolžan poskusiti stopiti v stik s prodajalcem in dokončati transakcijo, če so ponudili ponudbo za Objavljeno postavko, razen če je operacija prepovedana z zakonom ali pogoji in drugimi politikami Oziway, v tem primeru kupec ne bo dolžan nadaljevati s transakcijo

4.3. Pri pripravi ponudbe za postavko se kupec strinja, da ga zavezujejo prodajni pogoji, vključeni v opis članka, kolikor ne kršijo zakonov ali pogojev in drugih politik Oziway. Ponudba nakupa je nepreklicno, razen v izjemnih okoliščinah, kot je, da prodajalec bistveno spremeni opis ali ceno izdelka po tem, ko je ponudba, da obstaja jasna tipografske napake, ali da kupec ne more preveriti identitete prodajalca

4.4. Nakup ponudbe se bo štela samo veljavna, ko so bili obdelani z računalniškim sistemom Oziway

4.5. Kot je določeno v veljavnih davčnih predpisih, mora kupec zahtevati račun ali potrdilo prodajalca kot dokazilo o nakupu. Prodajalec ni dolžan izdati računa ali potrdila samo v primeru posameznika, ki občasno prodaja

4.6. Prosimo, upoštevajte, kdo ste odkup od. Kupujete iz zunanjega subjekta, katerega kontaktni podatki so prikazani na strani s podatki o prodajalcu objavljenega artikla. Smo trg založništvo predmetov, ki jih dodajo prodajalci. Ko se odločite za nakup, vnesete pravno zavezujoče pogodbe s prodajalcem za nakup artikla, ko se zavežejo, da kupujejo artikel

4.7. Odgovorni ste za branje celotnega opisa ponudbe, preden se zavedo za nakup izdelka ali storitve

4.8. Oziway ne prenese pravno lastništvo postavk od prodajalca do kupca

4.9. Z izbiro prodajalci z najboljšo zgodovino mnenja, ste povečali svoje možnosti za pozitivne transakcije izkušnje

4.10. Obstaja možnost neuspešnega posla. To je zato, ker lahko obstaja prodajalec, ki ne bo spoštoval transakcijskih pogojev. Iz tega razloga, razen če veste, kdo ste odkup iz (iz prejšnjih izkušenj), vas prosimo, da sprejmejo vse potrebne previdnostne ukrepe, ki bi jih običajno sprejmejo pri nakupu od neznanega partnerja. Poleg tega nam prijavite primere sporov z obrazcem na kontaktni strani, povezava je na dnu te strani, da bomo lahko ustrezno ukrepali pri reševanju vašega posla spora

4.11. Medtem ko lahko pomagamo pri reševanju sporov z različnimi postopki, Oziway nima nadzora nad in ne zagotavlja obstoja, kakovosti, varnosti ali zakonitosti predmetov oglašuje; resničnost ali točnost uporabnikove vsebine ali seznamov; sposobnost prodajalcev za prodajo predmetov; ali da bo prodajalec dejansko dokončanje transakcije

4.12. Da bi povečali varnost za vse strani, si bomo po najboljših močeh prizadevali zagotoviti, da bodo transakcije uspešno izpolnjene. Nudimo načine, da poročajo prodajalci in kupci vse slabe izkušnje, ki bi jih lahko med nakupom ali prodajo na Oziway. Ta mnenja so nato javno na voljo za druge, da vidijo. Ker so računi preverjeni, ko so setup, bo težko za nepošten uporabnik setup drugi račun

4.13. Z izbiro možnosti spletnega plačevanja med transakcijo povečate možnost uspešne uporabniške izkušnje. Za obdelavo plačil uporabljamo izbranega operaterja plačilnih operaterjev in plačamo prodajalcu, ko prejmemo potrditev kupca, da je artikel prispel. Če potrditev ni prejeta v roku 7 dni od predvidenega datuma dokončevanja transakcije, se šteje, da je transakcija popolna in se plačilo posreduje prodajalcu


5. Politika vračanja in pravilnik o vračilu kupnine.

5,1,Če morate kot kupec vrniti izdelek ali storitev, se obrnite na prodajalca, iz katerega ste kupili artikel. Kontaktni podatki so na voljo na strani orfer ali na nadzorni plošči» moja naročila «(pojdite v podrobnosti o naročilu za prikaz kontaktnih podatkov prodajalca)

V večini primerov:

- storitve niso vračljive, razen če storitev ni bila opravljena. Prosimo, pišite nam v 10 dneh od nakupa, da pojasni, kaj ni bilo storjeno, tako da bomo lahko rešili spor s ponudnikom storitev in bodisi zagotoviti, da bo to storjeno, ali pa od njih zahteva, da se vrnete vaše plačilo
- digitalni izdelki niso vračljivi, razen če povezava za prenos ne deluje. Pišite nam v 10 delovnih dneh od nakupa, tako da bomo lahko preverili in dostaviti vaš izdelek. Če imate kakšno drugo težavo z izdelkom, nam sporočite, da bomo lahko rešili spor s ponudnikom digitalnih izdelkov
- za fizične izdelke, pišite nam z uporabo "vračila in vračila" modul na armaturno ploščo, "kontaktni obrazec", notranji "Messenger" modul, ali prek e-pošte (e-poštni naslov na kontaktni strani), da pojasni problem z elementom


5.2. Spoštujemo standardne garancijske pogoje v vaši državi in zahtevate, da prodajalec to stori tudi pod spodaj navedenimi pogoji:

Na splošno to pomeni:

- obdobje do 2 let od datuma nakupa za okvare izdelka ali kot zahteva zakonodaja vaše države
- obdobje do 10 dni politike vračanja ali kot zahteva zakonodaja države za brezpogojne donose
- brezpogojna vrnitev, če vaš izdelek ne prispe v 30 dneh od datuma nakupa (razen če ni drugače navedeno na strani ponudbe ali modula za izpolnitev posla, zlasti za mednarodne nakupe), ali kot to zahteva zakonodaja vaše države


5.3. Ko je vračilo dogovorjeno, boste prejeli kredit za vaš saldo Oziway denarnice za ceno izdelka (razen vseh prevoznih, davčnih ali carinskih pristojbin, ki se lahko pojavijo, ko je izdelek odpremljen iz ali nazaj k nam). Ta kredit se lahko uporablja za izdelavo drugega nakupa, ali zahtevati umik na vaš osebni bančni račun, Wechat, PayPal ali prek Western Union

5.4. Prosimo, upoštevajte, da v večini primerov garancija ne zajema normalne uporabe izdelka (obrabe).

5,5,Da bi začeli postopek vračila, boste morali vrniti izdelek (v enakem stanju, ki ste ga prejeli, v originalni embalaži, s prvotnim prevzemnikom) na svoje stroške na naslov prodajalca, kjer bo izdelek opraviti analizo usposobljenosti.

5,6,Po uspešni kvalifikaciji za vračilo bo kredit v dobroimetje v denarnici dodan prodajalcu

5.7. Če obstajajo kakršne koli težave z kvalifikacijo, bi moral prodajalec stopiti v stik z vami, da bi dobili več informacij in nadaljevati kvalifikacijski postopek


6. Za prodajalce


Sprejetje teh uredb zavezuje prodajalce, da v celoti spoštujejo in nadomestijo občasne odškodnine zaradi njihovega neupoštevanja ali zanemarjanja, kar bo njihova odgovornost

Zato Oziway pričakuje, da bodo prodajalci dosledno zagotavljajo storitev, ki zagotavlja visoko raven zadovoljstva za kupca. To vključuje določitev pričakovanj kupca in jih izpolnjujejo, ki ponujajo odlične storitve za stranke od začetka do konca

6.1. Uporabnik mora dodati elemente, ki bodo objavljeni, v ustreznih kategorijah in podkategorijah

6.2. Publikacije lahko vključujejo opisna besedila, grafike, fotografije in drugo vsebino ter pogoje, ki so pomembni za prodajo blaga ali naročnika storitve, pod pogojem, da ne kršijo nobene določbe tega sporazuma ali drugih politik Oziway

6.3. Artikel, ki ga ponuja prodajalec, mora biti natančno opisan glede na njegove ustrezne pogoje in značilnosti. OZIWAY lahko odstrani vsako publikacijo, katere opis se ne ujema z izdelkom, ki je na voljo

6.4. Razume in domneva, da z dodano ponudbo na Oziway, prodajalec sprejema, da imajo namen in pravico, da objavijo postavko, ali so pooblaščeni, da to stori s strani lastnika in jih na voljo za takojšnjo dostavo ali storitev (razen če je opisano drugače na strani artikla)

6.5. Ugotovljeno je, da morajo biti cene objavljenih postavk izražene z ustreznim davkom na podlagi GST ali DDV, kadar je to primerno, in v zakonito plačilno valuto

6.6. Oziway lahko odstrani vse objavljene postavke, katerih cena ni izražena na ta način, da bi se izognili zmedi ali nerazumevanje glede končne cene ponudbe

6.7. V primeru, da katera koli od določb, določenih v klavzulah 6,1, 6,2, 6,3, 6,4, 6,5, 6,6 so kršene, Oziway lahko uredite ponudbo, zahteva od prodajalca, da ga uredite, ali prekliče publikacijo, kjer se ugotovi kršitev

6.8. Vključitev slik in fotografij. Uporabnik lahko vključuje slike in fotografije objavljenega elementa, če ustrezajo elementu, razen v primeru blaga ali izdelkov ali storitev, ki po svoji naravi ne dovoljujejo tega založništva. Prodajalec izjavlja in jamči, da so pooblaščeni za vključitev slik in fotografij, vsebovanih v publikacijah, ki so odgovorni za kakršno koli kršitev pravic tretjih oseb

6.9. Oziway lahko prepreči objavo fotografije, in celo ponudbe, če razlaga, po lastni presoji, da slika ni v skladu s temi pogoji in določili

6.10. Uporabnik daje Oziway brezplačno in neomejeno dovoljenje za objavo in/ali prilagoditev slik, vključenih v svoje publikacije za namene razvrščanja izdelkov na vseh svojih spletnih straneh, socialnih omrežjih in/ali na kakršen koli način, ki Oziway uporablja za svoje komunikacijske

6.11. Izrecno je ugotovljeno, da noben opis ne sme vsebovati osebnih ali kontaktnih podatkov, kot so, in ne omejeno na telefonske številke, e-poštni naslov, poštni naslov, naslovi spletnih strani, ki vsebujejo podatke, kot so navedeni zgoraj. V primeru, da je kršena katera koli od določb, določenih v tej klavzuli, lahko Oziway Uredi ponudbo, zahteva od prodajalca, da ga uredite, ali izbrisati ponudbo, kjer se ugotovi kršitev

6.12. Prepovedani predmeti. Samo tisti, katerih prodaja ni izrecno prepovedana v pogojih in drugih politikah Oziway ali po veljavni zakonodaji, se lahko objavijo na Oziway

6.13. Prodajalec uporabnik mora imeti pravno sposobnost za prodajo objavljen predmet

6.14. Če je prodajalec prejel ponudbo nakupa od kupca za ceno, ki je bila določena v ponudbi, je dolžan poskusiti komunicirati s kupcem in dokončanje posla s kupcem, ki je ponudil. Samo v izjemnih primerih lahko prodajalec razveljavi prodajo, na primer, ko se ni mogel strinjati s kupcem v obliki plačila, dostave ali ni mogoče preveriti resnične identitete, naslova ali drugih pomembnih informacij kupca.

6,15,Oziway bo imel pravico ponuditi online način plačila drugače tistim prodajalci, ki so bili preverjeni z Oziway. Za preverjeno prodajalca (ki pošilja uradne dokumente, ki dokazujejo svoje poslovne dejavnosti), bodo predmeti, objavljeni s spletnim plačilom, na voljo takoj. Za druge prodajalci (ne preverja), bo treba elemente preveriti Oziway preden so objavljeni. Za plačilne artikle brez povezave so vsi objavljeni takoj, ne glede na to, ali je bil prodajalec preverjen ali ne

6.16. Oziway bo imel pravico zahtevati, v skladu z merili, ki se mu zdijo primerni, da nekateri prodajalci samo oglašujejo svoje blago ali storitve na platformi z uporabo spletnega plačila ali, nekatere kategorije artiklov so na voljo le z uporabo spletnega plačila, in znotraj določene ravni provizije (na primer downloadable digitalnih izdelkov), za hitrejše pobiranje pristojbin in razdelitev provizij.

6,17,Glede na to, da je Oziway le kontaktna točka med kupcem in prodajalcem in ne sodeluje pri operacijah, ki se izvajajo med njimi, bo prodajalec odgovoren za vse obveznosti in davčne stroške, ki ustrezajo prodaji svojih postavk, in Oziway bo oproščen vseh vrst odgovornosti za kršitve v zvezi s tem.

6,18,Davki-kot je omenjeno zgoraj, Oziway samo daje na voljo uporabnikom virtualni prostor, ki jim omogoča komunikacijo prek interneta, da bi našli način za prodajo ali nakup izdelkov in/ali storitev

6.19. Oziway nima nobene udeležbe v procesu pogajanj in dokončanje posla med strankami, zato Oziway ni odgovoren za učinkovito spoštovanje davčnih ali davčnih obveznosti, določenih s sedanjo zakonodajo

6.20. Prodajalec sprejema, da lahko njegov kupec prekliče nakup v roku 10 dni po prejemu izdelka. Prav tako prodajalec sprejema, da lahko kupci zahtevajo zamenjavo ali vrnitev izdelka v skladu s splošnimi pravnimi pogoji

6.21. V katerem koli od zgoraj omenjenih primerov mora prodajalec sprejeti zamenjavo ali vračilo prodanega blaga in je lahko odgovoren za stroške, ki jih ta zahteva, vključno s stroški pošiljanja, ki so morda potrebni

6.22. Oziway lahko breme teh stroškov iz denarnice bilance prodajalca

6.23. Kot prodajalec, se zavezujejo, neodvisno, brez pravne podrejenosti, z uporabo lastnih sredstev in strokovno avtonomijo, da tržijo svoje predmete v Oziway platformo, za katero boste izvajali naslednje dejavnosti na primeren in pravočasen način:

- Hitro Rešite težave s strankami
- Pravočasno opravite pošiljke v določenem obdobju upravljanja
- Upravljanje inventarja in sproti posodobljena
- Določanje stroškov pošiljanja in časa pošiljanja
- Sledite pravilniku o vračanju
- Takoj se odzovete na vprašanja kupcev
- Bodite koristni, prijazni in profesionalni med transakcijo
- Prepričajte se, da je artikel dostavljen kupcu, kot je opisano na strani
- Zagotovili boste pozitivno izkušnjo za kupca


6.24. Skladnost z regulativnimi predpisi: v primeru, da prodajalec ne ravna v skladu s politiko, opisano v 6,23, lahko Oziway enostransko določi omejitve prodajne dejavnosti prodajalca znotraj platforme, skriti artikle prodajalci za določen čas, in celo prepovedati vstop na platformo in tako prepovedati prodajo predmetov, ki jih prodajalec. V primeru neskladnosti s pogoji, to politiko in vse druge politike, ki jih Oziway, prodajalec bo prepovedano registrirati nov račun, dokler ne razreši ali pojasni kršitev storjeno

6.25. Med knjiženjem ponudb se spomnite:

- Svojo ponudbo lahko objavite, če v Avstraliji, na Kitajskem ali v državi, v kateri prebivate, ni nezakonito.
- Vsebine ali predmetov v neprimernih kategorijah ali območjih na naših spletnih mestih ne boste objavili, našle ali nalagali.
- Ne boste kršili ali zaobšli zakonov, pravic tretjih oseb ali naših sistemov ali pravilnikov
- Naših storitev ne boste uporabljali, če ne boste mogli oblikovati pravno zavezujočih pogodb ali začasno ali neomejeno prekiniti uporabe naših spletnih mest, storitev, aplikacij ali orodij
- Ne boste uspeli dostaviti izdelkov ali storitev, ki jih ponuja, razen če imate veljaven razlog, na primer, kupec ne izpolnjuje knjiženih izrazov v vašem seznamu ali ne morete stopiti v stik s kupcem
- Ne boste objavili lažne, netočne, zavajajoče, zavajajoče, obrekljivo, ali klevetniški vsebine
- Ne boste ukrepali, ki bi lahko ogrozili povratne informacije ali sisteme bonitetnih
- Ne boste distribuirali ali objavili spam, nenaročenih ali množičnih elektronskih komunikacij, verižnih pisem ali piramidnih shem
- Ne boste distribuirali virusov ali drugih tehnologij, ki bi lahko škodovale Oziway ali interesi ali last uporabnikov
- Ne boste posegali v delovanje naših storitev
- Ne boste ponujali vsebine kot prodajalec, ki ne pripada vam ali vam ne bo pripadal v času, ko ga je treba dostaviti
- Ne boste kršili avtorske pravice, blagovne znamke, patenta, publicitete, moralne, podatkovne baze in/ali drugih pravic intelektualne lastnine, ki pripadajo ali imajo licenco za Oziway ali katero koli drugo pogodbenico, brez predhodnega soglasja te pogodbenice
- Odgovorni ste za točnost in vsebino seznama in predmetov, ki so na voljo
- Če vaše davčne ustanove ali stranka zahtevajo, da izda potrdilo za ponujen izdelek (za davčne namene), boste izdajali tako potrdilo. Če ne morete izdati potrdila, boste o tem obvestili kupca, preden izjavijo, da kupujejo vaš izdelek ali storitev
- Pravico imamo, da deaktivirate ali izbrišemo vse izdelke in začasno prekličemo uporabniške račune brez predhodnega obvestila v primeru kršitve katerega koli od zgoraj navedenih
- da bi lahko prodali s spletno plačilo za potrošnike, ste lastnik, da se preverjeni prodajalec in so vaši izdelki preverjeni. V takih primerih smo wil kupujejo izdelek od vas in preprodajajo za potrošnika. Obrnite se na Oziway za poizvedovanje o postopku preverjanja
- Tudi če ne zaženete postopka preverjanja, se lahko potrošnik odloči za nakup vašega izdelka s spletnim plačilom. V takem primeru vas bomo kontaktirali o tem, da nam prodajate izdelek, in izdelek bomo prodajali potrošniku z uporabo naših spletnih plačilnih sistemov


6.26. Prepovedani predmeti: prodajalec lahko dodate na platformo Oziway samo tiste postavke, katerih prodaja ni izrecno prepovedana z zakonom ali v pogojih in drugih politikah Oziway, med prepovedane postavke kategorij obstajajo:

- Odrasli samo izdelki (spolni izdelki)
- Divje živali in proizvodi: na primer žive živali, razsekanih ali posušenih osebkov
- Dobrodelnost in zbiranje sredstev
- Rabljena kozmetika
- Ponarejeni kovanci in znamke
- Kreditne kartice
- Opisi zdravil ali podobnih snovi
- Prepovedane droge in sorodni izdelki
- Strelno orožje in Lovski noži
- Vladni dokumenti in identifikacijske kartice
- Nevarni materiali: na primer akumulatorji, ognjemeti in hladilniki
- Ostanki delov ljudi in živali
- Žaljivo gradivo: na primer, etično ali rasno žaljivo in nepozabno gradivo iz nemške nacistične dobe
- Pesticidov
- Policijski predmeti
- Prepovedane storitve
- Ukradeno premoženje
- Tobak ali marihuana


6.27. Online plačila: prodajalec lahko uporablja spletne plačilne storitve, ki jih Oziway. V tem primeru bodo plačila kupcev nakazana na bančni račun, ki je v lasti izbranega plačilnega operaterja, ki se nato pošlje na račune vsakega prodajalca, kot je zahtevano.


7. Za promotors-provizije

7.1. Edine provizije, ki ste upravičeni do, so provizije za uspeh vaše neposredne prodaje ali prodaje promotorji povabljeni neposredno z vami (zaposli vas), da Oziway, ki se plačujejo po Oziway prejme Komisija od prodajalci

7.2. Ko kupec registrira iz vaše promocijske povezave ali na vašem spletnem mestu (obe povezavi sta na voljo na nadzorni plošči), so postavljeni v vašo organizacijsko strukturo in vsa nadaljnja naročila so dodana v vaš promet za izračun provizije

7.3. Ko promotor registrira iz vaše registracijske povezave, so dani v vašo organizacijsko strukturo in njihovo neposredno promocijo, ki izhajajo iz njihove provizije, rezultati v majhno provizijo za vas tudi

7.4. Vsaka Komisija je dodeljena:

- i) Komisija za 1. ravni promotor (organizator, ki je prodaja)
- ii) Komisija za 2. ravni promotor (organizator, ki je povabil na 1. ravni organizator Oziway)
- iii) Komisija za Oziway
- iv) Administracija pristojbine za transakcije (kot plačilo kreditne kartice pristojbine, ki jih prodajalec itd)


7.5. Dolžni ste poročati o vseh zaslužkih od Oziway, do vaših davčnih organov v vaši državi, da bi plačali ustrezne davke

7.6. Tega ne bomo prijavili nobeni davčni upravi, razen Avstralije (v primeru davčne revizije)

7.7. Če vaš davčni organ zahteva, da izda račun ali potrdilo za provizijo, ki ste jih prejeli od Oziway, prosimo, da izda ta dokument in pošlje kopijo Oziway. Podatki o podjetju, ki jih želite postaviti v dokument, in kontaktni podatki za pošiljanje kopije dokumenta, so na voljo na strani Kontakt

7.8. Minimalni prag za izplačilo provizije je $10 USD. Vsi izplačila se zaračunajo določenemu odstotku zneska izplačila za plačilo pristojbin, bančnih transferjev itd. Ko zahtevate izplačilo, boste videli, kateri način izplačila se zaračuna Kolikšen odstotek (na primer Western Union je dražji od bančnega nakazila, vendar WeChat je najcenejša). Izplačila se izračunajo v valuti USD (in se pretvorijo v valuto v času plačila glede na naše menjalnice, ki so povezane s storitvijo xe.com Exchange)

7.9. Trenutno uporabljamo 4 plačilne metode za dostavo denarja za vas:

- i) Bančno nakazilo (uporabljamoTransferwise.com)
- ii) WeChat (za Kitajsko)
- iii) PayPal
- iv) Western Union (collect cash in Western Union offices around the world)


7.10. Provizije se plačajo v mesečnih intervalih ob koncu koledarskega meseca

7.11. Vse izplačila provizije je treba zahtevati vsaj 7 dni pred koncem koledarskega meseca, potrebujemo čas za obdelavo zahtevkov Komisije


8. Stroški in obračunavanje


Registracija na Oziway je brezplačna

Prodajalec mora plačati le Oziway prijavljeno provizijo za prodajo, ko je transakcija končana

Provizije in druge pristojbine, ki jih izračuna sistem, morajo plačati prodajalec v določenem času

V primeru spletnih plačilnih transakcij se ti stroški samodejno odštejejo od plačila, ki ga je kupec.

V primeru plačilnih transakcij brez povezave je prodajalec dolžan plačati prijavljeno provizijo po končanem poslu z uporabo spletnega plačilnega prehoda po lastni izbiri. Sistem nadzorne plošče obvesti uporabnika, katere stroške je treba plačati.

Vse dajatve, plačane Oziway bo povzročilo davčne prejemke za trženje storitev, ki jih je izdala Oziway za znesek provizije

V primeru, da se dolgovani stroški ne plačajo v roku 7 dni od obvestila, bodo artikli prodajalca začasno ukineni od objave.

V primeru, da se zapadli stroški ne plačajo v naslednjih 7 dneh, bo račun prodajalca deaktiviran in artikli bodo izbrisani iz platforme

Za ponovno aktiviranje računa lahko veljajo dodatni stroški

V primeru, da se dolgovani stroški ne plačajo v naslednjih 14 dneh, lahko Oziway sproži sodni postopek


9. Lastništvo pravic intelektualne lastnine


Vse pravice, ustvarjene v zvezi z vsebino te platforme in vse blagovne znamke ali oznake, ki se uporabljajo na spletni strani telovnik v nas absolutno ali pod licenco. Ne smete spreminjati, kopirati, razmnoževati, nalagati, knjižiti, prenašati ali distribuirati na kakršen koli način ali na kakršen koli kakršen koli material ali informacije ali prenesti z naše spletne strani, razen če je to izrecno povabljeno, da to storijo ali je navedeno na naši platformi


10. Povezana spletna mesta


Na naši spletni strani je na voljo več povezav do spletnih strani tretjih oseb, za katere menimo, da bi vas lahko zanimali. Ne zastopamo kakovosti blaga ali storitev, ki jih zagotavljajo take tretje osebe, niti nimamo nadzora nad vsebino ali razpoložljivost teh spletnih strani. Ne moremo sprejeti nobene odgovornosti za vsebino spletnih strani tretjih oseb ali storitev ali blaga, ki vam jih lahko zagotovijo


11. Omejitev odgovornosti


11.1. Velika skrb je bila sprejeta za zagotovitev, da so informacije na voljo na tej spletni strani pravilna in brez napak. Opravičujemo se za morebitne napake ali opustitve, ki so morda nastale. Ne moremo jamčijo, da bo uporaba spletne strani je napaka prosta ali primerna za namen, pravočasno, da se bodo napake popraviti, ali da je stran ali strežnik, ki omogoča, da so brez virusov ali hroščev ali predstavlja polno funkcionalnost, natančnost, zanesljivost spletne strani in ne bomo nobene garancije, ali eksplicitne ali implicitne , ki se nanašajo na primernost za namen ali natančnost. To ne vpliva na vaše zakonite pravice kot potrošnik

11.2. Oziway je kar najbolje poskuša zagotoviti, da objavljene postavke ne kršijo intelektualne in lastninske pravice in vse druge pravice tretjih oseb. Tretje osebe, ki so upravičene do pravic, lahko opredelijo in zahtevajo odstranitev teh postavk, ki po lastni presoji kršijo ali kršijo svoje pravice. V primeru, da Oziway sumi, da je nezakonita ali krši dejavnost intelektualne ali lastninske pravice, Oziway si pridržuje pravico, da sprejme vse ukrepe, se zdi primerno

11.3. Ne sprejemamo nobene odgovornosti za morebitne zamude, okvare, napake ali opustitve ali izgubo posredovanih informacij, virusov ali drugih kontaminacijskih ali destruktivnih lastnosti, poslanih vam ali vašemu računalniškem sistemu prek naše spletne strani.

11,4,Sprejeli smo vse razumne ukrepe za preprečevanje internetnih goljufij in zagotovitev, da so vsi zbrani podatki shranjeni čim bolj varno in varno. Vendar pa ne moremo odgovarjati v zelo malo verjetnem primeru kršitve naših varnih računalniških strežnikov ali tretjih oseb.

11,5,Ker nimamo nadzora nad predmeti, ki jih prodajalci post, nobene odgovornosti ni mogoče pripisati nam za nezakonite izdelke ali storitve, ukradena ali tiste v slabem stanju. V zameno, kupec mora preveriti predmete, ki jih nameravajo kupiti. Ukvarjanje s preverjeno prodajalci povečuje možnost pozitivne izkušnje kupec

11.6. Trudimo se, da preveri predmete, ki so dodani na Oziway, poleg tega so prodajalci dolžni dodati le predmete, ki ne kršijo veljavno zakonodajo. Kljub temu ne moremo prevzeti odgovornosti v primeru, da prodajalec doda postavko, ki krši ta sporazum, zlasti odstavek 6

11.7. Če obstajajo spori med stranmi transakcije v Oziway, bomo uporabili naše pravne zmogljivosti, da sprejmejo strani stranke, ki menimo, da je vplivala ta komercialna dejavnost

11.8. Na podlagi tega je treba opozoriti, da ne prevzemamo nobene odgovornosti, ki ima opraviti z nezakonito transakcijo, ki lahko poškoduje našo podobo


12. Uprava


Vsak uporabnik te spletne strani priznava in soglaša, da lahko storitve, ki jih ponuja Oziway in ki jih zajema ta storitev, v okviru ločenih sporazumov med Oziway in tretjimi osebami zagotovijo podizvajalci. Zlasti, vendar ne omejeno na, storitve upravljanja te storitve ter zaračunavanja in plačilnih storitev

Vsaka oseba, ki dostopa do te spletne strani, se strinja z izvedbo zgoraj omenjenih storitev s strani podizvajalcev in priznava dejstvo, da bodo podizvajalci imeli dostop do uporabniških podatkov in transakcij, ki jih izvajajo

Oziway zavezuje, da zagotovi, da podizvajalci izpolnjujejo vse pogoje in določila tega sporazuma in bo zagotovila najvišjo raven storitev


13. Sankcije. Začasna ustavitev računov in storitev


13.1. Brez poseganja v druge ukrepe lahko Oziway opozori, začasno prekine ali trajno onemogoči uporabniški račun ali objavljen predmet, uporabi kazen, ki negativno vpliva na ugled uporabnika, sproži dejanja, ki se mu zdijo primerna, in/ali začasno prekine zagotavljanje storitev uporabniku, če:

- i) kateri koli zakon, ali katero koli določbo teh pogojev in pogojev ter druge politike Oziway bodo kršene.
IIČe ne izpolnjujete svojih zavez kot uporabnik.
IIIČe po presoji Oziway ste vpleteni v zlonamerno ali goljufivo ravnanje ali dejanja.
IVidentitete uporabnika ni bilo mogoče preveriti ali pa so informacije, ki jih je predložil uporabnik, napačne


13.2. Pod nobenim pogojem ne bo uporabnik uporabo naprave, programske opreme, ali drugih sredstev, ki se nagibala k motijo katere koli dejavnosti ali dejavnosti Oziway in objavljene postavke, opisi, računi ali podatkovne baze Oziway platforme. Vsako vmešavanje, poskus ali dejavnost, ki krši prej omenjene ali v nasprotju z zakoni o pravicah intelektualne lastnine in/ali prepovedi, določene v tej pogodbi, bo uporabnik osebno odgovoren za ustrezne pravne ukrepe, in sankcije, predvidene v tem sporazumu, pa tudi, da je dolžan povrniti škodo, povzročeno. Poleg tega bo v takih primerih uporabniški račun takoj prekinjen, ne da bi ta ustvarila pravico do kakršnega koli nadomestila s strani uporabnika

13.3. Oziway razume, da je predmet publikacij ali drugih ukrepov, ki jih uporabnik lahko povzroči Oziway ali drugim uporabnikom (na primer kupci). V primeru prekinitve ali diskvalifikacije uporabnika se bodo vsi elementi, ki jih je objavil uporabnik, ki je prodajalec, skrili. Ponudbe za nakup predmetov, ki jih je objavil suspendiran uporabnik, bodo preklicani tudi v sistemu


14. Odgovornost


14.1. Oziway samo daje na voljo uporabnikom platformo, ki je virtualni prostor, ki jim omogoča komunikacijo prek interneta, da bi našli način za prodajo ali nakup izdelkov ali storitev

14.2. Oziway na splošno ni lastnik ponujenih predmetov, ne lasti ali jih ponujajo za prodajo.

14,3,v nekaterih primerih, Oziway (Kitajska) Limited lahko prodajalec nekaterih blaga, da bi posel lažje za kupca. V vsakem primeru so podrobnosti prodajalca artikla predstavljene na kartici podrobnosti prodajalca na strani artikel in je ta prodajalec odgovoren za dostavo artikla kupcu

14.4. Oziway ne posega v dejavnosti, ki se izvajajo med uporabniki ali pod pogoji, ki jih določajo, zato ne bo odgovoren za obstoj, kakovost, količino, stanje, celovitost ali legitimnost predmetov, ponujenih, pridobljenih ali poslanih s strani uporabnikov, kot tudi možnost, da jih uporabniki ali verodostojnost osebnih podatkov, ki jih vnesejo. Vsak uporabnik ve in sprejema, da je izključno odgovorna stranka za predmete, objavljene za prodajo, in za ponudbe in/ali nakupe, ki

14.5. Ker Oziway nima nobene udeležbe v času, ko je predmet objavljen, niti v poznejših pogajanjih in dokončanje dokončne pogodbe med strankami (prodajalec in kupec), ne bo odgovoren za učinkovito izpolnitev prevzetih obveznosti, ki jih prodajalci ali kupci. Uporabnik ve in sprejema, da pri opravljanju dejavnosti z drugimi uporabniki ali tretjimi osebami to storijo na lastno odgovornost. V nobenem primeru Oziway bo odgovoren za izgubljeni dobiček, ali za kakršno koli drugo škodo in/ali škodo, ki so lahko utrpeli, zaradi operacij, ki jih izvajajo ali ne izvajajo drugi uporabniki (kupci, prodajalci ali nosilci).

14,6,Oziway priporoča, da delujejo previdno in zdrava pamet pri opravljanju dejavnosti z drugimi uporabniki. Uporabnik mora upoštevati tudi tveganje sklepanja pogodb z mladoletniki ali z osebami, ki uporabljajo lažno identiteto. Oziway ne bo odgovoren za izpolnitev ponudb in/ali operacij z drugimi uporabniki, ki temelji na zaupanju, danih v sistem ali storitve, ki jih Oziway

14.7. V primeru, da eden ali več uporabnikov ali katera koli tretja oseba sproži kakršno koli vrsto zahtevka ali pravnega dejanja proti drugemu uporabniku, vsak od uporabnikov, vključenih v zahtevku ali ukrepu izvze Oziway in njenih direktorjev, menedžerjev, zaposlenih, zastopnikov, izvajalci, predstavniki in odvetniki iz katere koli odgovornosti.


Obseg storitev Oziway


15.1. Ta sporazum ne ustvarja partnerstva, mandata, franšize ali delovnega razmerja med Oziway in User

15.2. Uporabnik priznava in sprejema, da Oziway ni stranka v nobeni operaciji, niti nima nadzora nad kakovostjo, varnost ali zakonitost predmetov oglašuje, verodostojnost ali natančnost oglasov, sposobnost uporabnikov za prodajo ali nakup predmetov

15.3. Oziway ne more zagotoviti, da bo uporabnik dokončanje operacije, niti ne bo zagotovila, da je preverila identiteto ali osebni podatki, ki jih vnese Uporabniki

15.4. Oziway ne zagotavlja verodostojnosti tretje stranke oglaševanja, ki se pojavlja na mestu in ne bo odgovoren za korespondenco ali pogodbe, ki jih uporabnik z navedeno tretje osebe ali z drugimi uporabniki

15.5. Vsi uporabniki opravljajo svoje dejavnosti neodvisno, to je brez pravne podrejenosti, z uporabo lastnih sredstev in s poklicno avtonomijo.


Sistemske napake


Oziway is not responsible for any damage, or loss to the User caused by failures in the system, on the server or on the Internet. Oziway will not be responsible for any virus that could infect the User equipment as a result of access, use or examination of Oziway platform or following any transfer of data, files, images, texts, or audio contained therein. Users may not impute any responsibility or demand payment for loss of profit, by virtue of damages resulting from technical difficulties or failures in the platform or on the Internet. Oziway does not guarantee the continued and uninterrupted access and use of its website. The system may not be available due to technical difficulties or Internet failures, or for any other circumstances; In such cases, efforts will be made to restore platform availability as quickly as possible, without any responsibility being imposed on Oziway. Oziway will not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained in its website.


17. Intelektualna lastnina


17.1. Vsebina zaslonov, povezanih s storitvami Oziway, kot tudi programe, baze podatkov, omrežja, datoteke, ki omogočajo uporabniku, da dostop in uporabo računa, so last Oziway in so zaščiteni z zakoni in mednarodnimi pogodbami o avtorskih pravicah, blagovnih znamk, patentov, modelov in industrijskih modelov

17.2. Nepravilna uporaba in popolna ali delna reprodukcija omenjene vsebine sta prepovedana, razen če je to izrecno dovoljeno v pisni obliki Oziway.

17,3,Spletna stran lahko vsebuje povezave do drugih spletnih strani, ki ne kažejo, da so v lasti ali upravljanju Oziway

17.4. Glede na to, da Oziway nima nadzora nad takimi spletnimi mesti, ne bo odgovoren za vsebino, materiale, dejanja in/ali storitve, ki jih zagotavljajo, niti za škodo ali izgube, ki jih je povzročila njihova uporaba, bodisi neposredno ali posredno.

17,5,Prisotnost povezav na druge spletne strani ne pomeni partnerstvo, odnos, odobritev, podporo Oziway za takšne strani in njihove vsebine


18. Odgovornosti


18.1. Uporabnik mora imeti neškodljive Oziway kot tudi njegove podružnice, nadzorovanih in/ali obvladujočih družb, uradnikov, direktorjev, naslednikov, administratorjev, predstavnikov in zaposlenih, za vse zahtevke, ki jih sprožijo drugi uporabniki, tretje osebe ali kateri koli subjekt, povezane z njegovimi dejavnostmi na spletni strani, skladnost z in/ali neskladnosti s pogoji ali drugimi politikami, kot tudi v zvezi s kršitvijo zakonov ali pravic tretjih oseb.

18,2,V ta namen uporabnik dovoljuje Oziway na:

- posredovati in ga zastopati v navedenih zahtevkih, da bi lahko vstopil v transakcijske sporazume, za katere meni, da so primerni, in ki se nagibajo k izogibanju višjim stroškom in/ali se preprečijo morebitni nepredvideni dogodki brez omejitev, v njegovem imenu in zastopanju
- zadrži in bremeni svoj račun obstoječa in/ali prihodnja sredstva za povrnitev stroškov, nastalih v sporazumih, ki lahko vključujejo honorarje intervenientnih odvetnikov in sodnih stroškov v razumnem znesku, in/ali
- ustvarjanje posebnih bremenitev v računu Uporabniki.


Boj proti pranju denarja in preprečevanju terorizma


19.1. Uporabniki, predlagatelji, prodajalci in kupci so dolžni opravljati vse dejavnosti, katerih cilj je zagotoviti, da vse svoje storitve, izdelki, osebje, zadolžen, zaposleni, partnerji, delničarji, skrbniki, kupci, dobavitelji, itdin njihovih virov, niso povezani ali prihajajo iz nezakonitih dejavnosti; zlasti s pranjem denarja ali financiranjem terorizma

19.2. Če obstajajo utemeljeni dvomi o poslovanju uporabnika, kupca, prodajalca ali promotorja, kakor tudi izvor njihovih sredstev in/ali katerega koli od teh, bo predmet preiskave katere koli vrste, povezane z nezakonitimi dejavnostmi, pranja denarja ali financiranja terorizma, v skladu z mednarodnim pravom Oziway bo imel pravico, da prekine uporabniški račun


20. Splošna


20.1. Spremembe sporazuma: Oziway lahko kadar koli spremeni splošne pogoje, tako da se spremenjeni izrazi objavijo na spletnih straneh. Vsi spremenjeni izrazi bodo učinkoviti 7 (sedem) koledarskih dni po objavi. Te spremembe bo posredovala Oziway za uporabnike. Vsak uporabnik, ki se ne strinja s spremembami, ki jih OZIWAY lahko zahteva, da prekliče račun, ki ga pisno sporočilo, da [email protected] iz e-poštni naslov, ki je povezan z Oziway račun

20.2. Uporaba spletne strani in platforme in/ali njenih storitev pomeni sprejetje teh pogojev in pogojev ter politiko zasebnosti, kakor tudi vse druge dokumente, ki so v njem vključeni ali povezani s sklicevanjem

20.3. Ta sporazum ali dokument je bil preveden v različne jezike s samodejnim prevodom. V primeru, da je kateri koli prevod in angleška različica konflikta, angleška različica prevlada

20.4. Ti pogoji in pogoji ter naš dogovor se urejajo in razlagajo v skladu z zakoni Avstralije. Stranki v tej odločbi predložujeta izključno pristojnost ustreznih sodišč Avstralije


Prikaz izvirnega besedila samodejno prevedena